Who We Are

Stand Together Foundation is committed to breaking the cycle of poverty by supporting the creative solutions of individuals and communities around the country. Founded in 2016, Stand Together Foundation strengthens communities by investing in social entrepreneurs who break barriers for individuals in poverty so that they can realize their full potential.

We have vetted over 2,000 non-profit organizations to create our growing network of 100+ high-impact, high-performing non-profit organizations that are making a real difference in their communities. Once selected into the Catalyst Network, our goal is simple – to help them help more.

Through our proactive partnership approach, these organizations participate in our six-month Catalyst Program where we go beyond traditional consultative approaches and help them apply the business practices of entrepreneurship. Core to the success of the program is our business management philosophy – Market-Based Management® (MBM) – developed and successfully implemented by Koch Industries over the last 40 years.

Make a Difference

Stand Together Foundation connects you to this network of innovative non-profits so that you can supercharge your involvement. We want to be your preferred partner for making a difference by matching you to organizations that align with your passions, then allowing you to invest your time, talents and resources to maximize your impact and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.


Stand Together

Stand Together Foundation is supported by the Stand Together community. The vision of the Stand Together is to break the barriers preventing individuals from realizing their full potential. Stand Together invests across the key institutions in society, strengthening K-12 and higher education, supporting community-based solutions, encouraging principled business, and improving public policy. Stand Together Foundation’s unique focus is to help people improve their lives through innovative community solutions.


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